Thursday, June 21, 2007

my arms are cursing my very self

I did all of them. I stood, raised my arms, bent at the waist, raised my heart, and thanked the sun...all 108 times (without #9).

Now, my arms don't want to function. Lifting my beer to my lips is a trial. Eating my garden burger was almost torture.

I can't think what tomorrow will bring. Although I thank my body for allowing me to make it to the 108th salutation. I thank it for carrying me through each and every day. Some days more gracefully than others. Today, she was graceful.


Jack K. said...

What more could ask?

Perhaps less soreness/pain.

Is that some kind of record? tee hee.

bronxbt said...

ya know... even though you don't vote anymore on FCR (meh) you need to go see this week's winner 'cuz of the funny treat i put in there too for viewers...

but regarding your entry about yoga, health, muscle integrity and strength; i feel it's even funnier that your pain gauge after the fact is lifting a beer to your lips...


you are soo cooh.

Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

namaste. I am proud of you.