Monday, June 25, 2007

learning and other bits and bobs

I'm working the second half of the day at the kids store. I'm learning as I go. I'm not feeling quite like a fish out of water anymore.

This morning I started my day with driving out to our Hillsboro location (it's roughly a 25 minute drive from where our office is located). While driving and drinking my coffee a car rolled by with three people waving frantically at me. Huge smiles crossed their faces. I knew it was because the KU sticker we have on the window. My fellow Jayhawks. I smiled and waved back. It made me laugh all the rest of the way into the store.

Tomorrow I have a day where I'm not having to be at any of the stores to work on the floor. This makes me happy. I have much to do at the office and will be there most of the day. I'm hoping tomorrow night I will be able to run things with Kev over to Jill and Mark's garage. We have just the furniture to remove. Any boxes that I'm packing now will just go into our storage.

We drove around and looked at houses yesterday. Of the eight homes, four were marked off. One is soooo cute, but only about 500 sq/ft larger than what we have now and it's at the top of our price range. There is another really sweet one we loved and it's a great price, pretty good location, not a bad size. We're wanting to walk through both but are worried about looking too early and falling for a home before ours sells.

I've got Mahjong Monday tonight. I'm hoping a new friend will join me. Kev and I taught her and her boyfriend how to play a couple of weeks ago and they are hooked. They're getting ready to close on their house and so she's feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I'm hoping she will come with and just relax a bit. It'd be the first time she and I hung out alone. I'm kind of excited.

We had our friends over last night with her 13 and 14 year old. Josie wasn't so sure of them. I think they kids were just loud enough to make her nervous. She warmed up a bit, but wouldn't go near them if they called her.

Simon, on the other hand, is a lap whore. He will sit on anyone who makes a lap. He was smitten with the kids. Chloe even made an appearance, which surprised Kev. She loved the 14 year old girl quite a bit. It made me smile.

Okay, with an hour left I am going to get my things together and clean up the store...

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