Sunday, June 03, 2007

ebay is an illness

Which color?

I was outbid thus far on the lighter pink one. Although I could rally and still get it. However I've never seen the ruby pink before and I've always craved the celedon. ARG!!! The pink is the only one whose time is up tonight. The other two have a couple of days left.
I know, I know. But ebay really is evil...


bronxbt said...

my pick? if i had to be a man purse... C

at least it looks like the color of the wine i'd be likely drinking in order to carry one around....


regarding your comment on my blog:
YOU and your DAD blow my mind. i've never even met either of you and your lurve and support from far away is unbelieveable.

you both rule, rock, and dagnabbit, i wanna hug you both.

most importantly tho - thank you
~ B

PlazaJen said...

I like the dark pink! But get what you want - at the price you wanna pay!

k said...

I like the coral and the celadon myself, bein the understated hippiechick I am. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Jack K. said...

I am sure there must be a support group somewhere for ebay "addicts". Hee hee, giggle, giggle snerx.

Will the one you get have any influence on the next house?

Just curious. Hee hee, giggle, giggle snerx.