Monday, June 04, 2007

common courtesy, where are thou?

I designed an ad for our kids shoe store combined with a toy store next door. I gave the toy store a proof to look at a full week ago. I told them I needed to know by the end of the week because it is due on the 5th. When do I hear back that they don't care for it? TODAY, THE 4th!

I'm not doing anymore ads with the toy store. My boss told me they can go...well, I can't write it here.

So I've changed it and am now sending it to the magazine. I just hope the fact it's the original, smaller, size they will not have a ton of space left over.


Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

You mean, the ad you showed us, what, two months ago? Sigh...

Dear people of the world,

Please remove your head from your ass.


shannon said...

No, not that ad. They were fine with that one because the cost of the dolls. The rubber duckies...didn't make the price they were paying okay. Thing is, I TOLD them what I was going to do before doing it.

bronxbt said...

hey.. too bad about the ad, some people jes' don't follow the rules of professional courtesy.

regarding my post? my sarcasm is most often self-effacing... it jes' has always been that way. made me a great standup comic back in the day, but isn't always taken well today.

not intentional bronx-beating, jes' and only is sarcasm.

in response to your "need you go on?"... sure.. if you wanna.. i'm all ears. (note i withheld a comment there about how big i think my ears are...)


Becky said...

Unfortunately, all my clients are like that. I have to give them fake deadlines b/c the NEVER respond when I tell them they need to. It can be 24 hours or even up to a week to review something and they just operate off of fire drills, it seems.