Tuesday, June 05, 2007

note to self

Never again try to be "ahead of the game" by calling in your dogs prescription.


Wednesday I call in Josie's Proin script (for her weakened bladder...she leaks small amounts when she barks). She has 10 pills left. Enough to last her five days.

Thursday I drop by the vets office at 4:45 to pick it up, cuz it should be ready to pay and go. Am told that it will be a few minutes because it's not been pulled yet. I don't have a few minutes because I have yoga. Office gal wants to start talking yoga. I don't have time for that either. I tell her I have to go NOW in order to get my friend and then to practice. I have ten minutes left until I have to pick up my friend.

Thursday, during practice I get a message left on the voice mail saying "it's ready!"

Friday I have to work out in Tanasbourne and don't have time to run by to get it ever.

Sat/Sun they are closed.

Monday was the day for me to get it and my brain went fuzzy. By this time she is officially out of her pills.

Today I go in to pick them up. YEA! They are ready. I pay, I jet home. I pull the bottle out of my bag to give one to Josie. Bottle is already opened, foil gone. Call vet to vent about the entire situation. Tell them I love them and it must be something about me actually calling before she only had two pills left (which is my normal MO). Woman on phone sounds PISSED at the staff and tells me a full, unopened bottle is ready and I can come get it. I tell her that I am taking two pills out of this bottle (one for today and one for tomorrow morning) and I will get it tomorrow. There is a bottle of wine waiting and I've had a rather craptastic day.

That will teach me to try to be on top of my game...


Daisy said...

Hate it when that happens. It's so frustrating when you do everything right and then it goes bad on you.

shannon said...

Yes, Daisy, it is! I just found out (or REfound out) that my husband is working tomorrow so it's a trip I get to make myself (to return the opened bottle for a new one).


bronxbt said...

ooooh, poor josie baby!

and poor you for having to deal with more people suffering from incompetence... that sucks.

buuut, josie will thank you for your efforts with lurvins' and by feeling better too!