Wednesday, May 02, 2007

not let down

So we met with Alia today. She wass everything Jill and Mark told us she would be. There wasn't even a ton of stuff she added to the list. Just things like increasing the wattage of our bulbs once we start showing, remove the microwave from the kitchen, hiding the coffee maker and toaster, etc. The one thing that was "major" was we have to paint the laundry space after we clean it up. Jill and I were thinking of doing something like that anyway so...

I can hardly wait to tell Jill and Mark how much we love Alia!

So in the next few months we will be listing the house and finding our new home. It all seems a bit unreal for me.


Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Wait, but you just bought that other house.

Oh. Years since then, huh.

I've been here too long.

Jack K. said...

Glad things went so well.

I hope I can get to meet Alia. She sounds like a person I can use as an example of how to serve others.

Time is getting closer for our visit. I am getting excited about it.



bronxbt said...

very cooh that you clicked with alia.

so good to know that you will hopefully forge a good working relationship to get things moving (pun intended) when the time is right.

we've had a # of folks see our house. interest levels vary. no bites yet, but it's only the first week, and the market up here is only beginning to bloom along with all the flowers and outsidey-goodness.

best of luck...


Becky said...

Yeah, it's strange how the smallest things can make such a huge difference when showing a home. I used to do real estate when I lived in Hawaii and it would be so frustrating when the sellers wouldn't do things like clean up after themselves before a showing.