Thursday, May 03, 2007

and the winner is:

I had such a good time working on this ad. Like I said over there, I normally come up with one real solid (make it to print) idea, but this time I had two. So I asked those around me here in person as well as those of you who read my words to take a look and give me feedback. I appreciate it quite a bit. It helps me grow as a designer.
I told Kev tonight that there was something more to this months ad. Not that I don't love designing each and every single ad for Clogs-N-More, but there ws something. It could have been the photo shoot with the ugly dolls, the size being bigger, or the inclusion of another business, I suppose.
Speaking of the photo shoot, Oh My Word. What a riot. All I needed was some electronica and perhaps a little dry ice...well, you'll see what I mean (I got the dolls to sign releases, so I can share here).
Off to create. Thanks again.


bronxbt said...

Hey, i responded this on your other site too.. but what the hell, i like the attention!

Shannykins... as a designer, i am drawn toward B due to it's level of activity.

Here's a test I use:

Q: when you think of kids, what first comes to mind?
A: sugar, active, playful, precotious, colorful, fun

Q: how long is a child's attention span?
A: what? (giggle.. okay, it's apparently been documented around 45 seconds to 2 min, depending on age groups)

Q: What's the message?
A: likely shoe sales.. so the wish is to have the child screaming and tugging at the parents legs, so make the message (text) needs to be bigger, AND the monsters could have been more OBVIOUS.

Both these ads really are spectacular. the more i see of your work, the better feeling of what kind of designer you are becoming. I'm only suggesting you consider some factors in the future, since EITHER of your ads will wonderfully suit the purpose.

you're amazing.

~ B

shannon said...

Something to remember about who I am designing the ad for is it's the parents who are looking at the magazine, not the kids.

I appreciate your feedcack!