Monday, May 14, 2007

look mom, something got done!

You can't really see, but there are two colors of pansies planted (purple and red) along the potato vine in each box. My sister and I got this done this morning, after making the boxes not look as though they are falling off the house. I realize as I write this they do kind of still look like that in the photo, but not in real life. The plants are perky now after a full day of sunshine.

The three pots to the left of the bushes got planted on Saturday by my dear Mom. She enjoys getting her hands dirty every once in a while.

Today was spent planting flowers and knitting things. A perfect day one might say. After a full day of making beautiful things out of yarn we headed over to my friends house for Mah Jong Monday. I was told to bring my set. I love my set! It plays well and is comfortable to use. I even one a hand!

Tomorrow Adrianne and I plan on going to my favorite yarn store, walking up and down Hawthorne, and out do dinner with some of our friends (Kev opens tomorrow so he'll be joining us for dinner...yea!).

Well, off to surf the web a bit before turning in. Just wanted to share with Mom that we did in fact do what we said we'd do! :)


bronxbt said...

well... i think it all looks faboo.

so do pics of you, yer dad and fam on HIS site!

it reminded me too.. is your leg tattoo done? never saw the end results online methinks? am i wrong?

prove it to me! ;)

I'll be offline (from home at least) until next tuesday. Final move is today, & stoopid-head comcast can't hook me up at my new place until then... *whimper*

so long without internet, phone or TV... omgoodness i should read a book! what a novel concept! get it!? novel! see what i did there!?
it's like i'm a genius....


hope you, kev, and the rest of the menagerie are well.


Jack K. said...

It looks good in person, even in the rain.