Friday, May 11, 2007


written yesterday...

How do you say goodbye to a feline? Do they really understand? We have to say our last goodbyes to Vladimir tonight. It brings me much sadness. He was the first cat I’ve met that reminded me soooo much of my beloved Bob. He went missing a little while ago, Vlad did, and we feared the worst. Luckily he was not lost forever. However, it is a bittersweet ending because cancer has taken over his once robust body.

It’s hitting me slowly that tonight is my final farewell. Tears well up in my eyes and I’m sure if I had to speak my voice would waver. I am still at work so I try to pull myself together, in case customers come in during these last 45 minutes.

I will thank Vlad for being my special little (ahem) guy whom let me snuggle, kiss, and love all over him whenever I felt the urge. I will tell him it was an honor just knowing him and being chosen (he would sit on me every so often). I will tell him I will remember him always. But will be sad that all I get to hold anymore are simple memories, and not him.

I am thankful that I got the time I did get with him, but feel it was too little. I will thank his human family for allowing me to care for him and his little “brother” while they were away on trips. For in those times, I got to be a little closer to Vladimir. He would meet me at the door and look up at me with his green eyes. Ready for a kiss and some food.

Life is so short for our animal friends. We only get what seems like a minute with them to learn all they were set out to teach us. Vlad taught me that snuggling is good, a purr can go a long way, and to not lose hope (I knew he wasn’t gone for good when he’d gone missing in November).

(I've now said my farewells, cried tears into his long beautiful fur, and thanked him for letting me love him...he will be missed by all who ever met him)


Cari said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss.


Jack K. said...

Vlad was fortunate to have you in his life as well.

You were both lucky to have crossed paths.

Remember there is no such thing as a coincidence.

You both have enriched each other's lives.

bronxbt said...

oh shanny...
i'm so sorry for your loss...

Vlad sounds like one amazing kittenz, and i jes KNOW that he's up there with mr puddins/Chase.

they're playing, tumbling, butterfly pouncing... and most important:

lookin down at you and me and purrin'

lurve you