Friday, May 25, 2007

happiness is

The sound of painters getting ready to paint your eaves.

A fat cat sitting on his pillow giving himself a bath.

Your faithful diggity dog at your feet, not barking at the painters.

The washing machine making the noises it makes as it cleans towels from all the guests you've had lately.

The feeling in your arms after a really amazing (read: tough) yoga practice the night before.

A completed ad sitting on the ottoman by your feet.

Knowing that in a couple of hours you will be heading to eat with good friends.

Having your husband tell you he's getting a little more comfortable with the idea of selling your house and buying a new home (getting there, but not quite there yet).

The twitching of your dogs toes as she dreams those dreams dogs do.

Birds singing outside (all except that blasted crow).

Having the windows open, letting the breeze flow through your house.

Being able to lean your head back and type while not looking at the keys (Mom would be proud).

Having good friends who will let you stash your stuff in their garage with NO for sure time of when you'll be getting it out of there.

A vacuum that makes you WANT to clean...speaking of which...

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