Sunday, May 27, 2007

the bird is the word

This is what used to be the side door into the garage (which is now a functioning cave)

The threshold into our home had been worn and rough. Now freshly painted.

The front of our home. The flowers planted a couple of weeks ago in the boxes have really taken off! The trim of the window (behind them) was painted just this morning. The eaves painted on Friday...

A trio of grasses.

This getting the house ready to list has been fun at times. Kev is still not 100% excited about the idea, but is starting to come around a bit more every day. I think as I continue to do more things around the house, to the house, he will really see what I'm so excited about. The unknown is scary and the whole selling of one house while trying to find and buy our next freaks him out. Normally it would freak me out as well but for some reason having Alia work for us has calmed my nerves. She's been doing this job for 10 years (this July) and LOVES it. I trust her and know she'll make everything happen.

I get to go squish on my favorite baby today. Henry is nearing 5 months old. I can hardly believe it! They do grow up really fast, even when they aren't your own.


Jack K. said...

Thanks for posting the photos. Your mother and I are both impressed.

The pictures are great. You are well on your way to getting top dollar for your lovely little place.

The dryer vent looks good too.

bronxbt said...

your place is coming along wonderfully.

Hope all else is well.

can we expect squooshied & lurved henry pics next?


Adrianne said...

The house looks great. The flowers did fine in the sun. Hope to see more pics soon.