Saturday, May 05, 2007

eleven to seven

The eight hours I work. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of regarding my job. It seems as though time starts to stand still around two. And I still have five hours to go after that. I don't have internet connection there (yet) so I can't really work on the site (which I did for many hours last night only to realize I didn't have prices of a few of the things I am adding...). But even if there was internet there, I wouldn't work on the site. I have a hard time breaking from whatever creative thing I am doing to interact with customers. I find it difficult to stop what I am doing, focus on something else, then going back to the computer. It's how I would work on the site before (when I was working full time on the floor). I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

Since I worked late last night at home I decided to take next Saturday off (well, happy coincident there really). Mom and Dad are coming through town and then my sister, Adrianne will also be coming. I'm pretty excited about family coming to visit. I can hardly wait!!!

Okay, must figure out what else I can do around here to burn some time before heading in...

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bronxbt said...

i find it sooo hard to also be deeply immersed in a creative process, then suddenly to be interrupted again and again by coworkers, etc.

it's tough having an open door policy, literally having it open, and yet desperately needing that time to focus that creative and occasionally limited energy!

what a battle!

i hear ya!

and BTW, my comments on the previous post where saying (perhaps poorly) that the ad should be directed at the parents, but often it's the KID who's initially attracted to the imagery, etc. creating the "need..." - then of course it's the parents choice to act on that need or not.

sorry if my prev. comments led you to believe otherwise.

... bawoo?