Tuesday, April 10, 2007


On Easter Sunday I decided I would take knitting with me along to our friends home. I tend to do things like that, take knitting with me where ever I go. These friends are always intrigued by what I am working on. I didn't have a particular project so I decided to look in my notebook of patterns. Now, that notebook is big, but there are only a few patterns in it. One was for an "Urban Cowl" that the kids at Knit/Purl designed and were giving away for free (now they charge for any of their patterns). I figured it would look pretty with my leftover sweater yarn (yeah of the 9 balls I bought, I used 7 in the end) and grabbed needles close to the size the pattern called for, throwing a ball of yarn into my current knitting bag (still on the lookout for the 'perfect' knitting bag). I am making quite a bit of progress (sorry no pics) and it dawned on me, I'm making a snood. Mine won't be worn quite like that, but...it's still a snood.

I am really making it with the thought of wearing it around my neck, like a cowl/turtle with no sweater attached. You know, a scarf without the long ends to get caught in things. What kind of things? Well, zippers of coats, buttons, under your purse straps. I know you guys all understand how annoying the purse strap thing is.

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Becky said...

The cowl scarf could be the next trend because, really, we just use it to warm/decorate our necks!