Monday, April 09, 2007


Sometimes that word is bad. I mean, sometimes people get addicted to things that are harmful to them, their bodies, and all others around them. Fortunately google analytics isn't harmful for anyone. Thanks to Monika I was drawn in. She simply mentioned checking it out to see her stats(her blog just turned a year old). I instantly wanted to see what she was talking about. Now, I check in every morning, noon, and night to see where people are reading from. I also check clog blog's status. I'm pretty impressed that people are going there. Thanks!

Yesterday was a quiet day for me. I got up, mowed the lawn (and am thankful I did because it started raining yesterday afternoon and still hasn't stopped), went to our friends house for amazing food and great company. I even took some knitting! I was left so depleted after finishing the sweater I really didn't know what to do. So, I decided to use some of the left over sweater yarn to make a cowl. Not a sweater, just the neck. Kind of a scarf that doesn't hang down, if you will.

Today is a day full of a doctors appointment (nothing bad), figuring out what is on order for the kids store (and what to cancel), and sending in the new design for our business cards. I'm sure there will be more lumped on me, but I'm not going to think about that. So, that's it...for today.

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Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Analytics is super fun. If you notice that you have few readers in Nebraska, you can title one of your posts, "Nebraska Cornhusker Shoes" and get more hits. So nefarious.