Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Say you are playing Scrabble with your loved one...

Say that loved one puts his tiles down and gives you the total of the word.

Then say that loved one says, "OH WAIT!" and insists that he had meant to put down all seven tiles, resulting in an extra 50 points.

Suppose you felt, in your gut, that he was not telling the truth about meaning to play that word AND you believed that once the score was given and tallied, it was your turn.

And then, when the game was officially over with that same loved one playing out all his tiles and winning he says, "I saw it at the last minute..." in regards to the seven tile word (which was played as his third word.)

I'd say the 50 points should be subtracted from that loved ones score and given to the other player. What you think? Oh, and a stringing up and a flogging with a wet noodle.

Kev is adding that his side of the story should read: that since I love him I should let him have the points.


Adrianne said...

Stringing up said loved by the toes is perfectly acceptable, and works really good. If you had taken your turn before he realized that he could make it with all 7 tiles, it doesn't count. And, if said loved one loves you he would have given you the extra points.

Love you Sis.

PlazaJen said...

I think the points should be repaid to you in other ways. ;)
And, what points value you choose to assign things is completely at your discretion!!!!

Jack K. said...

Playing the if you loved me card is really not Kosher. That's a foul.

You need to begin the next game with a 50 point bonus. After all if he loves you he will let you.

Tee hee

Becky said...

When it comes to board games, there's no love involved -- he should have given back the points:)