Thursday, April 12, 2007


So this afternoon I called our pal, let's call him Chuck, and left a voice mail about coming over for dinner. Chuck is getting ready to head back home to his parents house for an undetermined amount of time. From what I understand he feels the need to be home for a little while.

I will miss him, but Kevin will miss him more. And here is why:

This is the boys playing Guitar Hero on PlayStation 2. After they played, I got in on the act and hit the bass. It was a riot. I have already informed Kev that we would be playing this after Chuck took off as well.
He will be coming back here, hopefully, in a couple of years. We will always have dinner on the table for him, whenever he gets back our way.
I will miss Chuck.


kerri said...

we picked up GH2 for the 360 the day it came out and it ROCKS SO HARD!! I never thought I'd be able to play it after demo'ing the PS2 version in the store, but I really love it. Alas, we only have one "guitar", so no duets just yet.

Jack K. said...

It's difficult when good friends move on to continue their mission somewhere else. The great thing is that they are still good friends and will be with you in spirit.

Who knows, perhaps you will figure out a way to do the GH2 thing over the internet.

I'm in Manhattan this weekend and next. Perhaps we will IM, or not.

Love ya,