Wednesday, April 18, 2007

our baby's baby

Three summers ago my parents, Kevin and myself planted "the littlest tree" in our front yard. We bought it under the guise it was a dogwood. I've been waiting since that first year for it to bloom (okay, I guess that makes me the most impatient person in the world because I knew it would not bloom that first summer-it was too late in the season). I'd hoped it would bloom in the second year, but figured when it didn't and its sisters all did, it needed time to become established. So this third year I felt positive it would bloom. It'd be all awash of white flowers.


Two, there were two little white flowers on our beautiful little tree. I noticed when I got home from yoga last night and remembered this morning I wanted to take photographs of them. They are the most perfect and beautiful little flowers I've ever seen.

When I see them I get jolts of "this tree won't be mine when we end up selling this house in the next year..." and that makes me kind of sad. Our first little tree has its first little flowers. Our baby is growing up...

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Jack K. said...

Rejoice in the knowledge that you have planted a tree that will be enjoyed for years to come by countless people.

What a great gift to the world.

Thank you for letting us help you in the planting. I think I have some photos of that planting. I just checked and I do have several photos of the planting. If you want them let me know.

Love ya,