Saturday, April 21, 2007

letting the eyes down?

You read posts at other blogs saying what terrible bloggers they are...haven't posted in a long time...promise not to do it again...or at least try.

Yeah, here's the thing. I try not to let guilt set in because then, I don't want to write. Writing when one feels guilty because x, y, and z doesn't seem to make for interesting writing (shush now, this is NOT a guilt written post it's about to become the most enthralling post ever...yeah, right).

We had two glorious days of sunshine in the Pac NW and it looks like we are heading back into a bit of rain this weekend. (heh? enthralling weather) I am only hoping it does not result in a slow day at the store. Saturdays are the only days I work directly with the customers. Thankfully it's at our new location and I like new.

Went out with Jill and Mark for drinks and BBQ last night. Man, Clay's is the best BBQ in town! Their ribs...the meat falls off the bones. I even had enough left to make lunch for today (yeah, food is always a great topic, too).

We're coming up on our 7th anniversary on May 6. Any ideas? The traditional gift is: well blow me away...WOOL (or copper, but who really cares about that?). The modern gift is a desk set but we don't care about desk sets when WOOL (!) is an option. Someone, please someone, tell Kevin that a great gift for me would be a gift certificate to Close Knit! I've linked to it so you can also tell him exactly where it is. Tell him the wool I buy will be for his anniversary gift (a new winter hat since I usurped his...he wasn't wearing it, it was "too thin."). If someone here loves me, and knows how to get ahold of Kev...

The clog blog has been lacking lately. It'd be easier to write about the store if I could post it while there. The energy there is great and creative and I come up with things, but then the brain shuts down when I am home. I suppose I could use Word to write it and then print it out to bring home and punch in. It'd be better if we had internet there though. Everything is better with internet.

(aside: not only does blogger not understand the word blogger in their spell check program, but also internet ain't there either)

And so there you have it, the non guilt written post. It had its ups and its downs. Its moments of boring and the excitement of WOOL! What more could you ask for?


Jack K. said...

You may not be writing from guilt, but I could sure feel guilty for not informing Kev about the wool site.

I'll try to send him the message later, like when I finish this comment.

I'm at lunch in Manhattan, KS. This is the one place where I can get a wireless connection.

Love you,


Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Hm. What about Smart Wool?