Sunday, April 29, 2007

make mine a double

I've been starting to really think about exactly what all we are going to have to do to our house to get it ready to sell. I even have gone so far as to make a long, two page list of things. Mentally, room by room, I looked and made notes of what things were glaringly obvious and others that might not seem as "important."

I have already begun boxing a few things up from the kitchen, taking over half the books off the bookcase in the living room, and am contemplating a clearing off of many photos that we have on tables here and there. The fridge must be cleared off. It's a shrine to friends, family, animals, with pictures covering the whole thing. The top of the fridge needs to be cleared off as well. Every horizontal surface really needs to be swept clean. I now have images of myself sweeping my arms across the desk, wiping everything off and onto the floor. While that would be kind of fun to do, it is just really making more work for myself so I think I'll stick to the method of box for trash, box for packing, box for recycling.

I can't wait to meet with Alia, our realtor, on Wednesday. I think she will laugh at the list, as I am planning on sharing it with her. I will ask her if she's ever gotten a list of things her clients know they need to do, room by room.

I need to get another cup off coffee. How I wish there was milk in the house so I could have my double latte. Instead, black french press. It could be worse, I could be out of coffee.

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bronxbt said...

my house is officially on the market.

wish me luck...