Sunday, April 29, 2007

got a list, gotta stick to my list

Remove ottoman (replace coffee table in living room)
*Remove cd towers
*Remove dog bed
*Remove tv trays
Remove clutter (under flower box/table, top of desk, etc)
Control wires behind tv stand and desk

Closet off Cave:
*Remove boxes
*Remove filing cabinet
Organize coats
Organize home improvement items (paint, etc)
Organize space in general

Laundry closet:
*Remove wooden crates
Organize and clean wire shelving unit

Living room:
*Remove most of books on bookcase
*Remove coffee table (replace with ottoman from Cave)
Remove shoe pile by door
Remove much of the knick knacks on tables, etc.
*Remove kitchen table (replace with sewing desk)
*Remove white and chrome chair

Hall cabinet (small):
Reorganize medicines
Remove cookbooks

Clean and paint wainscoting
Clean floor
Clean grout (re-grout if necessary)
Clean off back of toilet

Remove items under microwave (in cabinet and on wine rack)
Clear many knick knacks off exposed shelves
Remove pictures off refrigerator
Clear off top of refrigerator
Clean refrigerator

Sewing room/dressing room:
Turn into dressing room?
*Remove small dresser from closet
Place carpet from “The Kochenour Boutique”
*Remove most of the items in the closet
Remove sewing desk (move to living room)
*Remove sewing machines, etc (store in Jill’s sewing space)

Hall closet (larger):
*Remove extra pillows
*Remove extraneous blankets, sheets and towels
Refold everything neatly

Reposition chest of drawers
Reposition bed and night stand
Remove dresser (move to dressing room)
*Remove small table from closet
Organize closet (matching, white hangers)

Front yard:
Clean up driveway
Pick weeds
Plant pretty flowers in boxes and pots
Keep mown
Trim hedges

Back yard:
Clean up mine field (dog doo)
Pick weeds
*Remove fire pit
*Remove table and chairs (?)
Clean and organize shed
Trim hedges

paint eaves
plant pretty flowers

*store at Jill and Mark’s

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Jack K. said...

I hope you have most of it done prior to our arrival. giggle, giggle, snerx.