Friday, April 27, 2007

doing well

-I have been good. I've not obsessively looked at/for houses all day long or even once again since that first foray into the world of after we got back from our meeting with Debbie. I know, it's only been one day, but I still think that I've been good.

-I have a mini knit night tonight with my friend Jenn. Our pal Amy was hopefully going to join us but she's going on a blind date. Here's to hoping we don't hear from her saying it was horrible.

-The temp is supposed to get up to 70 today. Bring out the new green skirt and flip flops! Okay, maybe not the flips, but the skirt is a go!

-My boss is quite possibly the kindest person alive. I was at TJ Maxx getting some things for the new store (baskets for trash, a nice vase) and I found a great bag. Now those who know me know I'm somewhat of a bag whore. I am always on the lookout for "the perfect bag" for any occasion. This bag will be my Vegas bag! It is big enough to hold my laptop, a small dog, a sweater, my date book, etc. Yet it doesn't look the size. It's a Mary Poppins bag! Anyway, back to the boss thing...I get into the office and start telling him of my amazing find and how it's going to be great for Vegas and all those catalogs I will inevitably be picking up and he says, "How much was it?" I tell him $25. He pulls out cash, plops it on his desk and says, "Give me the receipt. Since you are using it for work and especially deserve to be treated every once in a while." HUH? I stuttered and thanked him and told him he really didn't have to do it...etc.

-My parents will be here in about two weeks. They're only here for a couple days before heading to Canada, then they are back in a couple weeks for a couple more days. My sister from Phoenix will also be here for a few days in a couple of weeks as well (their days somewhat overlap a bit). I'm jazzed!

-Kev's first two games of basketball were so much fun to watch! He did great, aside from the possibility he may lose a toenail (not the first time for that to ever happen). He had a blast though, but is a bit sore. Next Wednesday myself and another wife will be bringing bottles of water, orange slices... we're such good moms!

So there you have it, we're doing well.


Jack K. said...

Glad to hear things are going so well.

I'm at work right now. Afternoon review.

We have been having a ball with Jean Louis and Majo.

I'll let you know more about their visit later.

Remember the Gatorade for the BB warriors. tee hee.



Becky said...

It's a lot hotter down there than up here -- I think we're 10 degrees cooler. I know what you mean about looking for houses; I've done the same whenever I'm starting to look even if I'm not quite ready to buy yet. Are you guys staying in Portland?

shannon said...

Becky- We are staying in Portland. (For some reason I never got the email alert of your comment for this post, but did for the comment you left for my post about scrabble...)

We want a house with a guest room! It's wild to think of moving and perhaps being in a new house next year for our anniversary (which is on the 6th of may).