Friday, April 06, 2007

an idea

Over the years I've read various blogs about not writing anything about your work place. While I agree it's a good idea to not bitch and moan about ones place of employment, I can't agree that you shouldn't write about it at all.

Last week Wednesday was a rough day for my family (trust me, I bring this story back around to work). We lost Grandma to a long battle with dementia. We all flew/drove into Pennsylvania to say our goodbyes. Right as I received the IM from my dad that Wednesday morning I had had the idea of starting a new blog. But this one would be different. It wouldn't be my personal space about whatever, rather it would be about the store. I could write about new styles coming in, any sales going on, other events that will happen in the future...

Let me introduce you all to... Clog Blog. Be kind.


bronxbt said...

i think it is brilliant.
i think that YOU are brilliant.
i think your company is very lucky to have you.

i think that, tho we've never met face to face, i'm very lucky to call you a friend.

did i mention brilliant!?
keep it going, it looks enthusiastic and bold. jes like you.


Jack K. said...

Great idea. I will bookmark it and visit often.

Shari said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmom. I hope you're doing well.