Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The trip home yesterday was uneventful. I enjoy flights that are uneventful. :) I did have an interesting conversation with one of the flight attendants...we are pretty sure I sold her her clogs. She looked familiar to me and I to her.

I slept like a rock again last night. I don't think I moved until this morning when Simon started walking on my head. It's rare for me to not toss and turn so a night of blissful sleep was great.

Upon getting home this evening from dinner I received a great voice mail surprise. My sister, Adrianne, is coming to see me!!! She got a free ticket on Southwest and since she's not been up here (and her sons both say it's okay for her to come see me instead of using it to see them in Cali) she's coming!

I think I am going to turn in soon. I am going to go into work tomorrow for a while so I should get some sleep.

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bronxbt said...

welcome home dear.. glad you made it back safely.

thanks for your comment online.