Wednesday, April 25, 2007

houston, we have progress

Kev and I met with our mortgage broker this morning. She is such an amazing person!!! If anyone in Oregon (not sure if she can do things for people outside of Oregon) is looking for someone to work with, I suggest Debbie Patton!!! The broker, not the body builder. :)

Now on our list of things to do is find and meet with a financial adviser as well as make an appointment with our realtor to figure out how much we should list the house for. I've sent Alia (realtor) an email and am just waiting to hear back from her. (Update: before I even hit publish, Alia sent an email back and we're meeting with her next week, Wednesday!!!) As for the financial adviser, I'm still looking. We thought that we'd found a company to work with (long story of how) but they are in Bend, Oregon (a bit further away than we'd like).

So the internet is waiting for me to explore. We came up with a good plan for "if the house sells for X much then we can us Y amount and pay off all debt and have Z amount plus A as a 20% down payment." And it seems feasible! I'm a bit surprised by how much Debbie says we should be able to afford, assuming it sells for around what Kev (conservatively) guessed. He thinks it could/will sell for even more than the number we used. That could be a good thing.

Of course I've already started looking online at homes. Yeah, we say the next 3-6 months we'll be listing...any bets that it'll be sooner?

Here are four I've found that seem interesting... (I hope the link works)

Link didn't work for me so here are the four numbers: 7029241, 7036825, 7034139, 7037089. You can visit this site and plug them all in.

In other news, Kev has his first basketball game tonight. He is excited, but nervous. I'm going to go along to watch and cheer. I am hoping at least one of the other wives I know will be there too.

Okay, off to drink some java and start some laundry.


PlazaJen said...

oooo, fun! They're all really cute. The backyard of the rehabbed red door (with the big fence) was awesome. We're never moving. Ever. But it's fun to look when other people are in the market!

k said...

....39 and ....89 are my faves. I so wish there were cute older homes like that around here. Well, there may be some closer to downtown, but a...they're downtown (ugh), and b...they would be astronomically expensive. But I don't want to commit to living here anyway, so there you go. Still, it would be nice to own a house again and get to dress it up however we wanted... Good luck to you! Keep us...posted! :P

bronxbt said...

i am secretly in lurve with #2. such a nice front deck area, and love the siding, look, architecture... soo many good things to do with that place.

i'm moving too soon. wish i had cooh places like that to look forward to!

miss you. hope yer well.
hope kev's B-ball game goes well


Adrianne said...

Moving must be in the air, seveal people around here are moving. We're even thinking about moving. How strange is that?