Monday, March 26, 2007

tomorrow tomorrow

~I don't really love tomorrow as it is the first day our new store will officially be open for business. There are still plenty of things I have to get in and do early in the am before customers start coming in. Also, I have artsy window displays to complete for one of the other stores.

~The rains have returned. No biggie. We're used to the tease of spring and then being hit again.

~Josie has got to be part cat. She plays with cat toys but will shun her own. I don't know.

~I just ate cheese that smells don't want to know. The good thing is it doesn't taste as it smells. It's creamy and luscious.

~Kev should be home soon so we can go grab dinner and hopefully run out to Target. We still haven't used a gift card we got for Xmas. We need hangers. Granted we don't need $50 worth of hangers, but we could easily spend that money!!!

~Hiking will hopefully commence this Wednesday. Last week we had originally planned to go, but then Kev had the trip that reared its head and I ended up working while he was gone. So this week, this is the week it starts! Rain or shine.

~I am tired. No, make that exhausted. I could close my eyes, lay my head down, and fall asleep right this very minute. Although if I did that I'd end up with some weird imprint on my face from my sleeves or something (Kev tells me I'm very "denty"). I don't fancy going do dinner with crease marks on my face.

~I took a boat load of photos today for a client/friend. I'm getting a jewelry catalog together so she has images of items she's made. I will do the same with her visual art soon.

~I will post as more comes to mind. Right now, a 10 minute cat nap sounds perfect.


Tanya said...

The kind of cheese that *looks* like fuzzy mold? That's my favorite.

bronxbt said...

the most important rule is to ALWAYS fall asleep on cordoroy.

at least then yer guaranteed to make "headlines...!"

ha ha.. get it? head! LINES!?
ha ha hhhhuh.. hmmm.


Jack K. said...


You almost missed dinner. It's a good thing you had that little cheese snack. lol

Good luck on the store opening.


Becky said...

YOu are a better person than I, for even as much as I love cheese, it would be hard for me to eat it if it stank.

My dogs are the same way in that they don't play with their own toys but they love some of the cat dangle ones.

I can so easly spend $50 on impulsive purchases at Target. I have to avoid it all-together, unless I really need something.