Sunday, March 25, 2007

a sad sad day indeed

Well, our beloved Jayhawks have let us down once more. They failed to show up to play a game. I don't think I've watched a more badly played game. Ah well, one more year to add to the pile of "not this one."

Kev and our friend Kiley watched the game together. I listened to the first half while at work with one of the newbies, pricing all the shoes at the new store. Jesse came up with the idea of listening to it while we worked. We got out of there at halftime. His cheers of "Go Kansas!" made me smile as I called back, "ROCK CHALK BABY!"

I was disappointed that Kiley was cheering for UCLA. I think more out of just wanting to make the atmosphere more sporting. It felt forced though. Like he really didn't care one way or the other who won the game.

I slipped back to bed at 8:30. I was tired. It's been a long few weeks getting the store ready and it's almost there. Grand opening is next weekend. We've got almost everything taken care of, but there are a few things that when I wake at 1:30 stick on my mind and make it hard to go back to sleep. Then I realize that the pressure in my bladder is really what is causing me to stay awake and once I relieve it, I am sleeping once more. No thoughts of making lists, finishing projects, cleaning the space...

It's back to life as I know it. And that is okay. I live a good life. I am surrounded by friends who have become like family and family who have become amazing friends. I have three furry kids who mean the world to me, even though all three are snuggled up in my side of the bed while I am up early after feeding them. I have a job that makes me happy and gives me the chance to be creative again. As much as I would love a little someone to share this life with, I am happy I get to live it at all. So thank you to friends and family who have either commented or emailed me. Support is an amazing thing. Even from many miles away!!! I loves yous guys!


Jack K. said...

WE LOVE you too.

bronxbt said...

um. i dunno a thing about sports.. soo.. wheeeee?

hey, absolutely LURVE the new pic to pieces. sweatery warm pieces-o-goodness.

and um... i wanted to give you an update on Puddins. he's back at the emergency vet. dehydrated, vomiting bile, and worrying us to tears. i fear the massive tumor surgery has aggravated his other innards and caused this new fever of 105 to take it's toll...

please, i don't know how to pray.
send along sweet kitten-lurvins to my lil' guy.

he needs us all to rally.

thankees (sniff)