Wednesday, March 28, 2007

we even made two sales

Yesterday was quite a day. We didn't get the store open until about 11:30. Since we didn't have hours posted yet though, we didn't feel bad. Now we have our hours posted and will be trying to figure out exactly what they will end up being. I'm thinking 10-6 M-Sat and 11-5 Sun, but my boss thinks 11-7 during the week is better. He's not been around that late though and has no idea that the people who are out walking around are heading out for food and drink, not clogs.

Most people who popped in yesterday were ecstatic by us being there. Welcoming us to the neighborhood. Making us feel good. Our first pair of clogs were sold to a friend of Barbara Roberts. She was once the Governor of Oregon. Not too bad. :) She was just as excited as we were about being the first sale.

One of my downtown regulars lives in the area and she popped in as well. We had a laugh and chatted a bit. She commented on the windows and how fitting they were for the area. It used to be known for the amount of antique stores. Since then more businesses have come in and the number of antique shops have started to dwindle. Not a bad thing, but it's change. Sometimes people don't like change. But Stephanie thought people would appreciate that we really thought about where we were and know we really want to be there. I swelled with pride. The photo isn't the best, but of the four I took, this one gives you the idea. I've got a total of ten old windows strung up and each are framing one or two shoes or clogs. This was a labor of love. It kept me up at night worrying it wouldn't work. The day those windows got hung up, I almost cried. Ahmed looked at me and shook his head saying, "This is playing for you, isn't it? You're like a little kid right now. Playing and having fun." I'm glad he realizes though that what is playing for me, draws customers in. Next week, I tackle the windows downtown. I got an ad done for Friday this morning (so much for a day off) that I'd planned on doing Friday morning. So now I get to go into the new shop Check Spellingand create. I will be making paper flowers and gluing them to beautiful ribbon. I'll hang the word "SPRING" from the same ribbon. It's going to be pretty.

Okay, I'm going to go waky waky Mr. C and get this day off really started!!!

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