Monday, March 19, 2007


The funny part is there isn't anything exciting that kept me from posting this past, almost, week. Just work. Watching KU basketball when I can. Work some more. Shop a smidge. Did I mention work?

The new location we are opening is going to be fab! Window displays are almost done, just waiting for shoes to arrive so I can pick which styles are going to go on the pedestals. Most of our shoes should be here this week!!! Once we get everything loaded in, checked in, and put away, we can start loading the shoe racks with clogs. The way our stores are set up is pretty neat. The walls have these giant racks. They hold the clogs so they face you. If you want to try something on, simply find it in your size section and try it! Very cool indeed.

On the sweater front, it is all knitted up. I simply am waiting for the sleeves to dry (they are being blocked right now) and then I can seam it up. Perfect timing for this amazing weather we have been having lately! Ugh. I may be the only Portlander hoping it gets a wee bit chilly again in the future. :) Knit night is Thursday and I'm now at a loss as what to bring. Perhaps I'll take the sweater to seam up, but also take some dish clothes I started last night. I've been meaning to get some made for our dear friends for quite some time. I've had the perfect shade of purple for a while now! I love that their kitchen is purple!!

Kev's getting ready to go hang with his Dad and step Mom this week. I'll have the house to myself (which means it will stay relatively neat and clean). I'll miss him, and wish I could have gone, but I know he'll have a grand time with them. I'm hoping later this summer we can go to Texas or something...

Okay, going to go finish getting ready for work. I know, boring post, but then is my life. :) Sometimes, it's okay to be bored.

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PlazaJen said...

Everything here seemed to stand still due to BB....lotsa KU peeps in the office. Which is the only reason I didn't pick them to win, b/c everyone ELSE did! I figure I gotta get my odds in one way or another! Boring can be good..... it means nothing's on fire.