Tuesday, March 20, 2007

oh baby i'm so tired

Kev got off okay last night. I went over to my friend Amanda's house after and ate Indian food. Now, up until this point I had felt as though I didn't care for Indian food. I suppose it is curry that I'm not a fan of. What we ate last night was yum-my! I couldn't tell you exactly the names but there were chickpeas in some kind of sauce. Lentils (my fave). A spinach and cheese concoction. And the nan (sp) which is a flat bread. One was plain the other with crazy garlic. All served with rice.

Anyway, it was a wonderful night with her and her roommate. We laughed a lot. I am glad they allowed their cranky days to melt away.

Sadly I did not sleep well. I think I just don't like sleeping when he's not home. Josie started barking at some point.

Now I'm sitting still. A novelty these days. My mind isn't still though, which is annoying I must admit. It seems as though the schedules for all the stores are nagging me. Charles and I are trying to get everything set up for just the next couple of weeks. Then we can focus on the "set" schedule. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I am going to go find something to knit on to give me a break from thinking...


Jack K. said...

I'm glad to learn that you are opening up to new taste treats.

Sorry to learn you are not sleeping as well as you would like.

Know how it is when the mind gets active and you just can't find the rest/go to sleep switch. Do the best you can to sit still and concentrate on your breathing. That just may help.

Love ya,


Becky said...

I have tried and tried to Indian food, but I just can't find anything that fits my palate (I'm a fairly picky eater anyway).

PlazaJen said...

Mmmmm, I love me some indian food. (I know. You're shocked.) garlic naan is the bomb! I'm totally going to have to get my fix soon.....
I'm struggling to quiet my own mind, so I think I'm going to take your dad's advice and BREATHE!

Jack K. said...

Off topic here. Check out this site about KC bloggers. Scroll down to see a familiar face.