Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a survey

Just curious. If you were to walk into a store and not be welcomed, what would you do? Same goes for if you are overwhelmed by the sales staff.

A conversation is happening with my animal list friends and I'm curious what others think on the topic. You tell me, then I'll tell you.


Anonymous said...

I really don't mind if I'm not immediately welcomed. Most of the time at stores I'm bombarded by the sales staff and that kind of irks me.

But if someone isn't too overbearing I don't usually mind.

PlazaJen said...

It could go many ways. Store's empty, just me walking in? Then hello, please say hello. Same goes for the clerk who's having a personal call on their cell phone. But I don't want to be hovered over or hounded. I will say, at NE Furniture Mart, I passed numerous salespeople who didn't say a word to me, and one woman finally came up, greeted us, asked if we knew about the sale (we didn't, so she explained it) and then 30 minutes later after I went back & found exactly what I wanted, I sought her out to help me. And she made the sale. And I told her the reason I wanted her to work with me was that she had greeted me.

Adrianne said...

A "hello" is always nice, being overwhelmed is not. I've walked out of stores where I was overwhelmed (hounded, followed, pestered), there have been times when I haven't bought anything at a store where I wasn't greeted. A greeting makes you feel welcome.

kerri said...

Yep. A simple greeting works. Then maybe a few minutes later a follow-up check in--just to make sure I'm doin' okay. Otherwise, gimme my space.

Jack K. said...

To serve others you need to check with them when they walk in and see if they need anything. Many times they need to get the feel for the store.

Be sensitive to their needs.

People have been known to walk out and not return when they are treated poorly.