Monday, November 06, 2006

carpet poo'ing dog

So last weekend when we headed to LA for the whirlwind party celebrating all that is fabulous in my sister and her new husband's lives, we left Josie with my yoga teacher and her beau. When I asked Diana how it all went she said it went well, but she was exhausted because not only did she have to watch the diggity, but the yoga studio where she works opened their new space that weekend too. Of course there were fabulous events and things were all a buzz the entire weekend.

When I saw Lawrence (the beau) at practice on Thursday and asked how he liked my dog his response was, "You mean the dog that poo'd on my carpet?" He said it with a smile and love, but something tells me she'll probably only be invited over when we are in town and aren't leaving her behind. She followed him everywhere and was constantly under his feet, he said. I am sure she just felt like she needed to be near him, because when we first got her, that's what she did to us too.

We head to Hawaii in two weeks! Two weeks, people!! Originally we were going to use last weekend as the test run to see if they'd want to have her for the whole week. Then they had a better offer presented to them. A few days in a friends cabin in the woods. Yeah, I'd pick the cabin over a carpet poo'ing dog too.

Our friend, Chuck, is staying in town and has been called to duty. He is going to stay at the house and watch the critters. We'll give our friends, Shannon and Kiley, his number and vice versa, just in case. I'm glad Chuck is staying here. He's a good guy. Josie needs some bonding time with him without us around. The cats already adore him.

Okay, off to finish cleaning up a bit before gathering my knitting and heading to Jill's for the afternoon. I debate, take the car or ride the bus? It's not that cold out, just windy. Kev might need the car later (post forthcoming) and I'd hate to have it down at Jill's house if he needed it...we'll see.

Also, must figure out what things I am taking to Hawaii. Oh man! I love picking out clothes for trips. Usually, there is a list as well as sketches of each outfit. I know, I'm a freak. But the beauty of my system is, I can look back at the sketches and remember things about each and every trip I've been on. Sometimes, they are better than the photos we take while at the destination.

Just call me Ramblin' Rose today.


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