Thursday, November 09, 2006

my take

Well, most of you have the same views as I do when it comes to customer service. A quick Hello and then leave me to do my shopping. That's how the store I work at runs. Sometimes people get very "I'M JUST LOOKING!" with us and we simply say, "great, let me know if you have questions that come up." They then look at us with disbelief in their eyes, like we aren't going to really truly leave them alone.

Kev just started a new job. He noticed on the first day he was there that the folks that work there didn't even acknowledge people as they came into the store. He is managing a record store. This store has much theft. My thoughts (and his as well) were if you greet people, and look them in the eye, they might just be less likely to take least that's my theory. Oh and making people check their bags in at the front desk would be the best idea too.


kerri said...

absolutely, greeting customers is one of *the* best loss prevention things you can do. It's unobtrusive, so the "good" shoppers don't feel put-upon..and it's FREE. If he implements the bag-check, I would suggest approaching it as "Let us do you a favour and hold your bags for you while you shop", rather than the ominous "YOU MUST CHECK YOUR BAGS". Obviously people wouldn't just have the option if he does decide to do it, but it's all in the approach.

Grats to him on the new gig, by the way. What shop?

Shari said...

Record store answers it all.

I've worked in a couple and it's customary to never greet people mostly because no one else has as great of taste in music as you do. It's a super job for every opinionated person or elitist out there.

(Next year I plan to open my record store.)

bronxbt said...

a snarling pitbull that eats only small children and slow thieves works too.

proper signage explaining this is key to it's success too.

aloha from Honolulu!


Jack K. said...

Great ideas folks.

Helping people feel that they are welcome, but not being hounded is helpful.

I like kerri's suggestion about the bag check. It is a terrific approach.

Bronxbt, ole buddy, here is variation on the theme. A quiet attack cat of the leopard variety would be helpful. They are beautifully ominous, and cats can be trained. But don't go after the small children, for they are just one diversion.

Is it possible to put security tags on every item so that an alarm goes off whenever someone passes that detector at the door.

Public spectacles of drawing and quartering the culprits who are caught may do something to reduce theft.

Just some thoughts. giggle, giggle, snerx

Congrats to the spouse.