Saturday, November 11, 2006

just how late is late?

I am kind of wondering what others think is late. Kev left last night to go watch football with our friend, Chuck. His last words were, "I won't be too late." At 1:00 I began wondering what his concept of too late was. Apparently he doesn't think 1:30 is too late...I kind of do. In my opinion once you hit midnight you're heading into late. So with that theory, 1:30 would be "too late."

I guess I just don't sleep well while he's not here (especially when he's going out with Chuck to watch a game of some sort). Last night with my cold on top of it, I got maybe two hours of sleep and that was once he was home and up front watching more tv. As soon as he came back to bed I was awake again. Snoring usually wakes me up. Let's just say it's going to be a long day at work today. Thankfully I'm not feeling as rough as I was Thursday and if it's slow enough I can go home early (I'm the extra help now on Saturdays).

Kev works tonight so I can putz around the house and maybe even get some work done on an ad I am having done next week, with enough time to do a second draft before heading to Hawaii.

I digress.

The question is: How late does it have to be to be considered late or too late.


Jack K. said...

how late is late is negotiable.

Each needs to know the others feelings about lateness.

I am sure you will be able to work it out.

Good luck.

PlazaJen said...

I usually ask "around what time" and we agree if it will be later, we'll call the other person & keep them informed, and especially if getting a ride home is of issue.
Your dad put it wisest. :)

Anonymous said...

Mathematically speaking, "Not too late" would be earlier than the average of all the times that a person was "really quite late." So, if you figure in all those times during high school that I snuck in at 6 am, "Not too late" for me would be 2 am. However, if we shrink the time window to "in the past sixth months" and take that average, then "not too late" becomes 11 pm.

Erm. But I don't think that marriage has been defined mathematically, so it's likely best to go with the Tao of Dad.

shannon said...

all three of you make me smile. i've not been able to have the conversation with kev yet...who knows when we will.

grad- love the "tao of dad"

jen-great idea of "when you thinking?"

dad-well, you just rock in general and i love you.