Sunday, November 12, 2006

barry, is that you?

I've been sick. I have been achy and snotty and not feeling well at all. Luckily (if anything about being sick can be lucky) I was feeling my worst on the days I had to work in the office. So I went in, did a few things both Thursday and Friday and left early. I worked all day yesterday at the store with Drew sounding like Barry White was once again trying to come back to this world through me.

Today, I woke early with the need, yes NEED, to blow my nose at 7:00 when Kev's alarm went off. I haven't been able to get back to sleep. I tried to call my mom, as is the norm on Sunday mornings, and she could barely hear my squeak out to her that larengitis had set in. I whispered at her that I'd call her later this week and I'd email her. She told me to get rest and try to rest the voice. She's a funny lady, that mom of mine!

So I brewed some peppermint tea. If you know me, you know I can not stand tea (with the exception of raspberry tea from Celestial whatever and I couldn't find any the other night at the store which made me sad). I have choked down a couple of sips, but can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would enjoy this flavor. I suppose many don't understand my lust for lattes either...ah well.

I am supposed to go knit with my friend, Amy today. I hope when she calls she can hear me whisper, or Kev is home to translate for me. He had a work meeting this morning and then is coming home to nap. He closed last night and didn't get home until 11:00. Sounded jazzed about the job still. This makes my heart sing!!!


Jack K. said...

get better.

Ginny said...

So sorry you have the "punies"! Hope you are getting lots of you'll be ALL over this mess before its time to leave for Hawaii.


P.S. Glad Kev is jazzed about the new job!!

PlazaJen said...

Feel better soon! Bleah! I overdose myself with Airborne & Zicam & lozenges. So far, I like to believe it works.

bronxbt said...

i am so sorry to hear you've been sick.

please get healthy soon.

after traveling back from Honolulu, it's amazing i'm not dead already considering my lack of immunity system and the plethora of sneezing and germ ridden evil kiddos that ran up and down the aisles all night on the plane (where were the damned parents!?)

yeah, so.. with germ and disease spreading lil' monsters everywhere, i'll sprout a new head prolly by the end of the week.

get healthy!