Saturday, October 07, 2006

can't think straight

I have been training people this week. This means a couple of things. 1. My brain is now Jell-o like in constistancy and 2. I lost a lot of time where I could be blogging because I have to set a good example. Okay, the second isn't 100% true because I really only blog at work when I have everything done and that's usually never, or the end of the day whichever comes first.

I had so many things to write about this week. Did I write anything down? No. Do I currently remember anything I thought I would? No.

DO I feel guilty for not updating this all week? Not a chance. Heh, I have a life outside of blogging kids. Although what that life consisted of this week is a blur.

I do know we went out on Wendesday night to see Guster and our friend Bob was in town. We all had a fabulous time and Kev, he was the first to say "you guys ready to go?" I get to hold that over him for a little while. You see, when I surprised him by saying I wanted to join him for the show his response was, "Just make sure you don't want to leave halfway through." Now, the band was halfway through the encore when Kev suggested we leave because they'd played all the songs he'd wanted to hear (same here). But I could have totally stayed until the bitter end. AND I had to get up for yoga in the morning before heading to the office to finish the organizing of the boxes of shoes and clogs (meaning I climbed stairs carrying my weight in shoes many times that day which resulted in my legs hurting still to this day...thankfully I did practice yoga prior to doing all that which I am sure helped me not be in more pain had I not).

Okay, must go figure out dinner. We're feeling like Chinese tonight and maybe we'll get lucky and find a really great place in our hood.

peace out.


Shari said...

I saw Guster a couple of months back. How I adore their music.

Good call going to the show.

bronxbt said...

first of all.. i like jello. are you the lime kind or maybe berry?

2nd of all, we missed you, but LIFE first... your adoring fans second.

~nuff said

Jack K. said...

Work does have many advantages. Primarily, you can afford to eat Chinese whenever you want. tee hee.

Check out Mom's recipe book. I bet there are some Chinese recipes in there. giggle

Love ya,


Becky said...

I know what you mean. I usually blog at work, and when that's ramped up, blogging has to take a backseat. I always feel guilty but then I remind myself that everyone goes through the same cycles.