Sunday, September 14, 2003

update time

Okay, let's see if I can remember all that happened this past week:

Wed: Peggy arrived and Kevin and she picked me up at work to go out to dinner downtown. We went to a great Italian place that we have only been to once before, but must remember it in the future for it's GREAT happy hour menu. Every plate is just 2.95 and they are pretty substantial. We shared five plates and had some drinks before coming home to crash. Peg loves the house and was quite impressed with what we have already done.

Thurs: I worked while Kev and Peg went and saw Finding Nemo. Such a sweet movie for Mom to take her son to. :) I took the bus home and we grilled steaks and made my Mom's warm dijon potato salad. It was a nice evening, and the margaritas flowed very freely!!

Fri: We woke up with the wild hair to drive out to the coast and stay the night. First we did some running around town, we ordered the sliding door, got an extra key made for our friends so they could feed the cats, etc. Then we were off to Newport. I found a hotel that was on the beach, every room had an ocean view. The price was right and so we stayed the night (thanks Mamasita!!). It was so relaxing and nice to spend her birthday out there.

Sat: We spent some time in Newport, went to the Historic Bay to do a little souvenier shopping. Got a beautiful bird feeder for 1/2 off!!! It is now hanging outside our kitchen door. After we got back we decided to go get some food and invite some friends over to grill out with us. One of whom is a landscape designer. He isn't working as one now, and misses it. I told him if he would want to do some things for us, (pruning our cherry tree, helping me landscape the front lawn) we could talk payment. He, instead, suggested trade. I offered to feed him. He accepted happily. We will tackle things next spring as the rains are now coming and to do too much now would not work (I will follow things he says as he used to own his own company down in Eugene, OR).

Sun: We got up before the birds (Peggy and I), went downtown and walked in the 12th annual Race for the Cure. It was a fantastic event, just like last year. Although this year there were six of us who walked together (with the thousands of other women). After we walked we went to Jake's Grill-a fabulous eatery here-had our celebratory mimosas and ate some great breakfast. Kevin showed up right when we had finished up and paid and took us home so Peggy could get ready to go to the airport. A teary goodbye, but we are planning on going to TX in the spring so we can enjoy their new pool!!!

Where is Walter in all this, you ask? Well, it rained and rained and rained in Dallas and they canceled his flight. By the time he would have been able to get here he would have only had a day to spend here. By and by it was not worth it. This let Peggy stay the whole time at the house with us, which was quite nice.

Now that my tummy is full (we grilled out yet again) and my body is tired, I think I am done with the update. I will be a bit more on the ball in the future, just with the Mamasita in town I rarely got on the computer!! She's too much fun!

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