Tuesday, September 16, 2003

sofa sofa sofa

I got a call today from Ethan Allen that our new sleeper/sofa is ready to be delivered. WOW, that was fast!! I had gotten a call from the woman we "worked" with about it being shipped on the 15th from the warehouse. Overnight delivery?!?! I doubt it, probably was scheduled to arrive then and she got mixed up? Anyway it is ready to be in our home. I left them a message, as they were closed for the night, and I left Kev's number as well so if they can't get me they can get him. He's got a bit more flexible schedule than I do right now.

I have heard from our friend Russ that I have taken too long to post...this is a problem, I am sorry. I do wish to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSSELL T (15th) and DAD CLOCK(16th). We will have a toast in honor of you both this evening, with whatever we decide to drink (I'm going to guess Squirt).

Speaking of drinking, I must go and figure out what we will be eating this evening. My stomack is telling me it's been too long since I ate my lunch.

Bye for now.

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