Tuesday, September 09, 2003

is it tuesday already!?

Time has been flying by!! Mamasita Peggy gets in tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Kevin is on cleaning duty today because I have a huge order to get written up when I get home for a shoe show I am attending on Monday the 15th. I love going to the shows, it's wild though because we are seeing spring/summer for next year and it's still summer now.

BUT it feels muuuuuch cooler. Mr. Zafino was right (the weather guy I watch) it is cool and overcast. There are even patches of green in our grass since it started raining yesterday!!! We'll have to mow again before we know it!

I got a call today about our sofa! It is shipping on the 15th from the warehouse and should be here in about two weeks. I still am hoping it will show up in a week, but not counting on it. So we will soon have a house with a living room that is more than just a house for boxes. Of course this means I will have to go through the box marked "filing cabinet crap" sooner than later. Ah well, such is life.

I have not written about my Mom yet, because I have been having a hard time knowing what to say. I've not known if I should write, but I know there are friends of mine who want to know what is happening and how she is doing. Also when I type it it means it's true.

Most of my friends know that my Mom has been battling cancer now for many years. She has had good reactions to the past two treatments, the first being chemo the second being part of a trial group trying out rituxan treatments. The third is now upon us and she is doing a stem cell transplant in the next few days. She has been in the hospital for almost a week now doing a chemo regime to kill all her cells so that she can have her healthy stem cells transplanted back into her. She'd had them harvisted when she was healthy just in case she had to have this procedure done. The results can be quite good, giving the person up to 7 years of remission.

It has been quite a hard, long, boring treatment for her and she has told my Dad how homesick she is. She will have to be in the hospital for about three weeks, in isolation because her immune system will be out of whack and she will be very prone to infection. When she gets out and is home she can not have contact with Hazel, their cat, and all of the plants will have to be removed as they can carry bacteria that could harm her.

This has been a very tough time for my family, but as the troopers we are we have pulled together and have given Mom as much support as humanly possible. If anyone would like her address at the hospital to send her a card, email me and I will tell you what it is. She can't get flowers or fruit, but a nice card of "hang in there" would do wonders for her.

If you could just keep her in your prayers and send all your good vibes her way that would be very appreciated by us.

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