Thursday, September 25, 2003

things are looking up

I spoke with my Mom this morning after receiving two rather lengthy emails from her. What a difference two days at home has made!! She sounded so wonderful. She actually got released on Tuesday, a day earlier than they had told her originally. She's been vacuuming, and resting as needed. She is such an inspiration to me. Such a strong woman. I am honored to call her Mom and friend.

As for the house, we have done not much more since the last post. I have redone the pictures on the wall behind the new sofa so that picture is now outdated...

Still waiting to hear from The Depot about our sliding door. I am ready for it to be installed as it has gotten hot here again, what in the 80's?! It's a good ten degrees higher than usual. This makes the house quite warm.

We are going to have to figure something out to keep the one neighbor cat away from the screen though. Simon and the little grey one, we've renamed Earl, have a love affair going on. Simon was actually petting his head the other day when Hammuda was at the house. And just yesterday while the other cream colored cat was out there Ms. Chloe was going ape, screaming and carrying on. As soon as the dog joined Jerry (the cat) Chloe started chirping and meowing at Tommy. We're not sure, but we think she wants a dog. Don't worry, not for a while would we go down that road.

Lunch is calling my name so I bid you all bye for now.

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