Sunday, September 28, 2003

more photos...

So today we puttered around the house. Went grocery shopping. Did laundry. All kinds of fun things!!!

Wanted to do more yardwork, but it was very hot here again today (90+) and so instead of risking heat stroke we decided to just clean the house. I know we would have been fine and a little hard work in hot weather wouldn't be the end of us, but there is not much we are going to do to the yard until next spring.

Thought you all might want to see a few things.

Here is our new sofa with the photos I finally decided on.

Our fabulous chest from Jill and Mark. I just love the way it is all shaping up.

And finally, our bedroom with the real duvet cover we use...

Kev just announced he was going out back to read. It is a bit toasty in the house. I may go grab a hard lemonade and join him.

Until next we meet (sorry there isn't anything fun and fantastic happening for me to write about, but I did want to write something). Kev tells me I am "going to loose eyes." I assume this means readers. :)

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