Thursday, September 04, 2003

my poor friend naomi

I have met a woman at the shoe shop who has become a friend..awwwww.

She and her husband followed our home buying path (it was actually a perfectly timed first meeting that corresponded with our home buying experience which led her and her husband to buying as well). I have just gotten an email from her and she is wondering when she will have time to sit and relax. (do I insert the evil laugh now?) nah, she reads this. ;) I am hoping to have the two of them over to grill on Sunday. I have the invite out, just need to hear back from her and talk to Kev about it. Maybe we can make it a get together of several of our friends...hmmmm.

I wrote to a friend back in Kansas, Kirby is his name, about how I feel like I am trying to run but I'm up to my knees in sand. There are times I feel like I am helpless and no matter how hard I try I can't get away from that feeling. I think, because I am working an extra day this week AND it is hot here, this feeling will pass on Sunday. Then it's back to work for four days before getting a mini vacation. I am glad that I could swap days off with my co-worker so I wouldn't have to use my newly aquired paid time off. I get a week and didn't want to use it within the first month of getting it.

have to actually go do work now....bye

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