Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I have recently been able to exercise my design muscles and have created a new ad for a publication here in Portland. Every year (twice a year) we advertize in a booklet called "Discover Portland" and this holiday season I inquired as to what it would take to change the ad we have run for the last I'm not sure how many years. The woman at MediAmerica said it would take me submitting an ad for Clogs-N-More or their designers could come up with something. I readily accepted the challenge of designing one for the store. I have come up with a great ad, the folks at MediAmerica love it, my boss loves it, I adore it. However I have to do the whole thing over in a higher resolution...d'oh!! Oh well. I have emailed myself all the pictures I used and I have a hard copy of the original ad so I can work on that at home over the next few evenings.

I have also come up with a new window display for the Race for the Cure. I've got a pair of clogs walking through pink paint that has "spilled" and they have left the tread marks. I am going to take a picture for my portfolio. It has been nice giving my brain a workout.

I just had a gentleman ask if I sold loafers. As nicely as I could I told him that we really just sell clogs, pointed out two of our most "non" clog styles for men and wished him luck on his quest. I think my favorite question I get is "do you sell shoe laces?" Now, I think to myself, "yeah, we are a CLOG store...what do you think?" But out loud I say, "No, but there are several shoe repair shops in the area that do..." Usually the person will laugh and say something about since we are clog store they aren't surprised. I did have someone earlier who couldn't understand why we don't sell white shoe polish. I simply said that we don't sell too many white clogs and don't have a reason to have the polish in stock.

The winter is definately on it's way. There is a drop in light now, it starts to get dusky earlier and it probably won't be long before the rains come back. I think, this year, I am ready for them. It has been a very hot summer. And sadly I think that is going to be the trend. Every summer since we have moved here has been hotter than the previous. This makes me sad.

OH!! Got love from the "big black dawg" Tommy today!! (our neighbor's dog) Juan was outside listening to a friend's car (he's a mechanic) and while we were chatting Tommy started walking up to me slowly. All it took was me saying his name, letting him smell my hand and he was leaning all over me!!! I am glad that the friendship has begun between us.

Well, that is the excitment of my day. I have an hour left at work and have a large order to finish writing up for the shoe show on the 15th.

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