Friday, September 19, 2003

d'oh! I knew there was something else....

I was going to tell you all.

A good friend of my boss (his name is Hammuda) stopped by the house yesterday. Hammuda is the handy-type man around the shops when he is not living in LA. He once told me he would help us do anything at the house when he was back in Portland, I guess he likes me and since I've done random things for him (shipping, writing of letters...) he felt like he wanted to do something for us.

I looked up yesterday and he was standing outside the shop, looking in and laughing. I called out, "if you have nothing better to do than stand out there and laugh at me I have a house you can go crawl under." He and I had talked about the hump that is under the kitchen and bedroom (some contractor who'd worked on the house told us that two owners ago had raised the house on the beam that runs lengthwise and had raised it too high). Hammuda wanted to see if this was true so he went by yesterday, crawled under the house, checked the attic, looked everywhere and this is what he said.

"You made a very good buy. It is a great house, it is very sound. I didn't see any shims of any kind under the house so I don't think what the guy told you is correct. It may have been some water damage from some time ago, but I see no moister anywhere now." It made me feel so good to know that A. he likes me enough and would go crawl under my house and B. that he thinks we made a sound buy. I value his opinion and to have him say these words to me made my heart sing.

Okay, just finishing up at work and then it's off to catch the bus home. Where pictures wait to be hung and some orders for work need to be written up.

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