Saturday, September 20, 2003

pictures hung, but for how long

I have hung the family photos up above the new sofa, but I am not sure how long they will stay that way. We also took the French doors off that led into the cave. They opened inward, and just kind of hung in mid air. If we wanted to shut them we would have had to move the tv and the desk. We have talked of having them open towards the living room instead. It makes more sense (as I am sure you would agree if you could see what I am speaking of).

The orders never got written and I doubt I will have time to do them today at work (I will try though). I am sure that I will be as busy as I was yesterda, but I will hope the time will speed by faster.

Kevin was busy and did a little painting yesterday too. He painted the wall behind the new sofa, since it was so dark with the "bark mulch" behind it originally. Just one more wall and some trim to paint in the cave and it will be done (for the time being).

Okay, bus going to be here in minutes and I better get out there to catch it!!!

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