Friday, September 19, 2003

and we have a living room!!

The new sofa/sleeper is beautiful!! It has made the cave feel a bit darker, so we are exploring a different paint on the wall behind it. It is a gorgeous blue fabric, but it just absorbs the light in the room. We have added another lamp, but still want to paint the wall behind it a white.

The living room is now looking like a room we can use, finally! We arranged it when I got home from girls night (I ended up going and having a wonderful time). Now, tonight, all we have to do is hang pictures and finish moving a few things around and it will be perfect. But, knowing I am my mother's daughter, I will always be moving things around in every room.

It could be Christmas time now, I want my family to be here now to see everything!! I know that my Mom is going to love it, just as my Mamasita did.

Well, Ground Force is calling my name (best garden/design show- on BBC America).

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