Tuesday, September 02, 2003

cookout at 1635

Last night we went back to the apartments to have a cookout with our former neighbors. It was great seeing everyone and just like old times, although we weren't going into our apartment when we needed things... Luckily Kerry and Scott are such good friends that we never thought twice about going into their place to get water, use the bathroom, etc. Kerry framed one of Manny's little onesies. There is a brand in England whose logo is Freddie Cat. I saw them for the first time before Manny was born and told her that when he outgrew them I wanted one!!! Actually I did tell her that I would send money to her Mum in England so she could get me some. But Kerry decided that she would frame one of Manny's with a picture of Oliver holding Manny and a label saying, Great Friends. Brought tears to my eyes!!!

Kevin went hiking yesterday with his friends Chuck, Marcy and Chuck's sister. They went up to the Mt Hood area and hiked Frog lake. I worked, but the time went by quickly.

Nothing exciting, sorry kids.

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