Sunday, January 16, 2011

the year of personal change

i had an epiphany of sorts the beginning of this year. i walked into our bedroom and saw the pile of my clothes next to the bed and i thought to myself, "really? this is how i want to live?" 

it was that moment i decided i was done being a slob. i think it's safe to say that we all have fallen prey to that life now and again. a dish left in the sink overnight, crumbs not being wiped from the counter, bed going unmade (i swear, getting into a made bed beats trying to navigate the mess of sheets and blankets if you don't make the bed). it started to make me realize at the age of 38, i have to grow up and stop being lazy.

i shared this with kev and i have to say, we've both been doing our part (with one or two slip ups here and there). it's felt good. i feel like i'm being present in my life again. 

this is the year i stop living lazy. 

"things are gonna change, i can feel it."  Loser by Beck


Jack K. said...

Good for you. Keep up the good work. A positive attitude and taking care of things will reap big rewards.

Monika said...

I keep thinking the same thing, but then everything gets so overwhelming, with not much support from the rest of the family living in this house. I hope you will be more successful!

k said...

Not living crazy must take up a LOT of your time! I vote for letting it all go occasionally and taking some time to write some lovely words our way. :)

Miss you!

Fixin for fun said...

good for you!!

and p.s. you don't wanna see my house! if i even tried to keep up with the messes in our house--i wouldn't have time to do anything else...