Thursday, September 16, 2010

dog in jail

a few weeks ago we had ian and seth sutton from sutton landscape come and finish fencing off our backyard. lately josie's taken to wandering off when she's back there. we're good about keeping our eyes on her, but when gardening it would be easy for her to slip off to the front. not wanting her to get hurt chasing a neighbor cat (nor would i want jasper or butch to get hurt) we opted to finish off the fence behind the garage and put a large gate by the trellis. 

we didn't want a solid wood fence, as the backyard needs all the light it can get to make our garden grow. it turned out really fabulous. i couldn't be happier. 

josie can see out and lost of light can shine through. the artichoke is right there and how the sun hits it, a full wooden gate would have killed it. 

i love that josie can't wander off. also, both parts of the gate will open, the one that tends to be stationary can also lift off the hinges. the gate swings freely and easily. we didn't use self closing hinges and i'm 100% okay with that. sure, we have to remember to close the gate behind us, but i think we can do that.


David said...

Well done! A little safety is good, as in letting in the light. Our behind neighbors have completely removed their privacy fence and I think they're going to do something similar.

Jack K. said...

I bet Josie appreciates the view too.

k said...

Hooray for keeping Josie (and everyone else in the 'hood) safe! I love the fence--it's beautiful and unique, just like you!

PlazaJen said...

That gate is absolutely perfect!