Friday, August 27, 2010

update of sorts

gardening in the pacific northwest this year has proven to be a difficult task. 

with the plentiful rains this spring came the slugs. they gorged themselves on been sprouts, corn sprouts and zucchini sprouts. we replanted all three, but the zucchini is the only one that we've gotten any bounty. the corn is growing and there are a few ears on the sad stalks, but we're not sure they will be fully developed. it will be an interesting study when we pick and shuck an ear.

the greenie beanies have done not much. the plants are growing and lovely, but there are no beans...our neighbor (whose plants did not get eaten by slugs) has had beans for quite a while now. i am sad. i love beans. 

the walla walla onions are doing really well, though! nobody has attempted to eat them. we also have had a few meals worth of golden potatoes. oh may word! home grown potatoes are the best! they have a texture of velvet on my tongue...

the moby grape tomatoes are growing and producing. although they are not as sweet as the bessers we had a couple of years ago. and our romas are starting to ripen (if all that is on the plant now ripened, i would have more than enough for salsa!). the goliath are looking good. santiem are looking a little sad, but there are many green fruit on all six of our various tomato plants so i am hopeful.
that's about all i have for an update.


Jack K. said...

The life of a "farmer" is one that is full of luck, both good and not so good. I know that you rejoice because you can do it, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. I know that Kevin is also becoming a very good farmer too.

Keep up your good works.

Love ya,


Gail said...

I had no zucchini this year but did I have cucumbers! Now the tomatoes are coming in like wildfire. Our hot summer with some rain has provided us with sweet fruit and vegetables here in the East.

Lily said...

Keep up the good work since the results bring you so much pleasure! I love to play with flowers but have absolutely no knowlede how to take care of veggies. One year I tried herbs on the deck and ended up with more wormy looking creatures than I had plants! That was enough for me!