Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what to write

it's always tough for me to figure out what to write after a slightly heavier post. i don't want to appear as callous and over the feelings, but i also don't want to wallow there either. 

that being said, let the next post begin...

on sunday kev and i had a whirlwind day, okay I had a whirlwind day. kev got to sleep in and have a leisurely afternoon. anyway, i got up early, showered, and walked over to sweetness bakery to meet a couple of girlfriends. after we shared conversation over pastries and coffee, i bid jill adieu and jenn and i scooted off to pick blueberries. her family has friends who have a you pick place west of the river, where she grew up. we got a heck of a deal on some of the best berries i've ever tasted! that is saying a lot because i'm not such a fan of the plain blueberry. give them to me in muffin, pancake, crumble...form and i'm fine.

after that fun excursion, leading me to have almost 17 lbs of blueberries and owing jenn $$, she and i went back to her house. kev came to pick me up, but i told him to give me some time because i was going to walk up to close knit to get a notion i needed. that took about an hour or so. by this time i am needing another shower, the berries made my hands dirty and quite frankly the walk left me a bit sweaty.

i had a little bit of time to get cleaned up and ready for our next date, dinner with our friends christie and scott and lil' t. kev and i decided to bike down, roughly 58 blocks, and were crazy early so we tooled around this wild labyrinth part of town called ladd's addition. it was beautiful, the streets are mostly covered by tall trees making for a lovely ride as it was sunny and quite hot. 

finally it was closer to time and we decided to head to the carts. there's these food carts at 12th and hawthorne in se portland that are open on sundays. man, i finally got to try poutine. holy hell, i am in love!!! kev and i shared a medium sized portion before getting a couple of mediocre tacos and ending the whole experience with the fried pies. thankfully we worked some of that off on our bike ride home, which was mostly up. happy to report, neither one of us had to get off our bikes and walk. :)

anyway, we got home from a great early evening with our friends and drop our bikes off, fed the crew and headed over to celebrate with a new ten year old and his family and friends. man, it felt good to sit still when at the house, but those boys were crazed. running, singing, i'm pretty sure they were all wearing underwear on their heads. and that was all before the cake! it was fun, none the less. 

i don't think i've ever slept so soundly as i did that night. i'm still kind of recovering...


The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh your Sunday was indeed FUN :)

PDX has some really great food I've to say, and will certainly try Poutine when I go there next! :)

Jack K. said...

Nothing like a fun-filled day. Have more of them.

btw, I like your new template.

Love ya,


Karena said...

Shannon what a great day and so good to find you! Your header design is beautiful!

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